True Crime Diary

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August 16, 2020

True Crime Diary is a bi-weekly podcast in which we take a light-hearted look at a serious subject.

Each episode we discuss the story behind an event that took place, from a date in that week, in true crime history. 

Unlike most true crime podcasts, we discuss something relevant because of the date, we talk about all sorts of crime - we’re not limited to serial killers - we have a bit of a laugh with it and we use sound effects to make it fun.

“I wanted to create a podcast that wasn’t as long or as dry as most true crime podcasts” says Mark. “I wanted to enjoy the subject but without the interminable droning monotone of a lone speaker reading from a book, or the endless digression. I think our podcast opens the subject of true crime up to a wider audience because we don’t take it seriously.”

After the release of only its first 3 episodes, the podcast received over 1000 downloads in its first thirty days. The increasing trend has continued with subsequent releases.

All our episodes are available wherever you get your podcasts, or to play direct from our website at where you can also find links to popular pod catchers.

Mark Duqueno is creator and editor of the podcast. 

Jed Leicester is a photographer and asker of questions.

Rue Turner is an artist and arbiter of detail.

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